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Desktop Text Messaging program is now FREE

This program sends text messages to any cell phone, at no cost. It runs from an USB thumb drive or computer. All information is stored by the program in the same location as the program. There is an embedded database that saves the name and internet address of the cell phones to which you send message and the message. The messages are also saved. An office employee could send text messages to traveling employees from their desktop and maintain a record automatically. You do not need to own a cell phone to send text messages.

Screen capture of Desktop Text Messaging progam. Screen capture of Desktop Text Messaging saved messages.


Message Board

This is a fun program. There is one window with eight boxes which you can move anywhere in the window and change their background color. You can change fonts, text alignment, enter current date and time from a pop-up menu activated with the right mouse button. All of your changes are saved and you can backup the content of the boxes. The program sells for $9.99 and you can

Screen capture of content menu for Message Board application
Click right mouse key to get this menu.
Screen capture of the Message Board window.
Click image to enlarge.
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