We are Small b Systems.

We started working together about 25 years ago when the company for which I was VP of Operations needed a media assistant. Shortly after Robyn joined the firm, the media operation was computerized and Robyn was the made the administrator for the network and the electronic media systems. It was quite a leap for an artist and computer neophyte.

Robyn brings to the partnership 25 years of computer and business experience. She has trained scores of first time computer users and they have all learned quickly. She is very organized and has analytical approach to projects. She also run her own business.

My name is Paul Steinberg and I have been designing computer systems long before I could write the programs myself. My first system was designed for Burnham and Company to organize their back office operations. It was a pen and paper system.

My mother used to say that I was the laziest person she ever met so when I landed a job in electronics production I wrote home that I had found someone who would pay me to find the easiest way to do things.

I have 50 years of business experience and 34 years of computer programming. I am semi-retired and work out of my house as does Robyn. We are only 7 miles from each other.

I have written programs to schedule employees, keep track of silver recovering in photofinishing lab, purchasing and inventory programs, production tracking, contact management, mailing list, college counselor student tracking, accounting, calculate shipping cost, estimate distance between two zip codes, estimate the cost of custom products, send text messages and email from your desktop, generate QR-codes, generate vCards, retrieve contacts and emails from Outlook©, etc..

Our rates range from nothing for needy clients to $25 hour. There is no charge for our opinion and we like helping people and companies solve their problems. We prefer to be contacted by email or text message.

Email to paul@smallbsystems.com
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Text message or call Paul at (914) 924-1899 Telephone and FAX

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