File Search Instructions

The top of the file search windows form.

Screen Capture Instructions
Click on the CLICK HERE TO START button to open this drop down menu. "Get File from choosen folder" should be your first choice.
Next the "Browse For Folder" dialog will open. Select the folder containing the files you want to search. All sub folders will automatically be included. If you repeat this menu choice without clearing the list, the next folder and it's subfolders will be added. to the current list.

The number of files you can include in your list is only limited to the amount of memory your computer has.
Screen caputre of Save list of files menu option.Click 'Save listof files' to save the list of files on your screen. A tool tip reminds you that the list will be saved to


You must rename this file if you want to keep it's contents.
Screen capture of Print List of files menu choice.Click this menu selection to print the file list you see on the screen. It will print to the Window's default printer.
Screen capture of the Now Printing ListBoxContents.txt in Notepad©.Screen capture of the Now Printing ListBoxContents.txt in Notepad©.
Screen capture of file search and select process
Above is a partical screen capture of the search for all files containing ".lnk" in either upper or lower case. The list of files full paths are shown.

Double clicking with the left mouse button will open the file under the mouse cursor and it's associated program. For example, text.txt would be opened with Microsoft© Notepad©.
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