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SpectraSoft charges $149 per month for similar system
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QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are 2D Barcodes (two dimensional Barcodes) developed by Denso and released in 1994 with the primary aim of being easily interpreted by scanner equipment in manufacturing, logistics and sales applications.

The QR code is being widely used in the United States as well. Google Maps already uses them and offers posters for clients to use. Facebook is starting a location service that relies on QR code. We recommend that all our clients start using QR code on their web sites, front door and in advertising as we are on our contact page.

Read files names from a folder you choose and then search, run, open with associated program or print List of Files

This windows program will read the file names from a folder you choose and all the sub-folders. The list of file names and their full path will be displayed in the application and can be saved to a text file. You can load multiple folders. You can search the list, print the list or open the selected file. You can open the text file with Windows Notepad© and most programs. An excellent use would be to open with Excel© as all the names will load into column A and you can put notes in columns to right. Click to view screen captures of program.     Download FREE Program

SAVE a backup of any Window's form or report in PDF format, quietly in the background!

We have developed code that makes it possible to save copies of anything printed, or shown on screen, as Adobe PDF® files. The process is so quick that the user is not aware that it is happening.

The PDF files can be saved to a visable folder, or to a hidden folder on user's computer, or a network drive.

We can modify applications for you or provide you with the code in VBA or c# format along with brief instructions on how to use.

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